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Harpo Hookup
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Oprah's Has the Hookup to Help Us
Campaign TPM Hookup Days: October 11-16th, 2004

Oprah (of The Oprah Winfrey Show...or is it just "Oprah" now?) has a project called the Harpo Hookup where she tries to give some people a chance to make their dreams happen. On her website she describes how this works. Basically, you just fill out the online form on this page, and hit submit, to send an application for a "hookup".
Oprah has lots of connections with lots of important people so she tries to help the "nobodies" get in touch with the important people who can make their dreams happen. It is our hope that with thousands of Pretender fans writing in from all over the world, she will take up the cause of Campaign TPM and help us get in touch with the PTBs and get them to make us at least one more Pretender movie.
Here's a sample letter you can submit online when you fill out the Hookup form:

I am a fan of the TV series, "The Pretender" and have been for a very long time.Ever since NBC canceled "The Pretender" in 2000, fans from all over the world have been vying for a conclusion to the open-ended plot line.  We have put together petitions, e-mail and 'snail mail' campaigns, phone calls and strikes; we even have a petition out right now where we're pledging our own money to help fund production.  Through it all, though, we have not had any luck with the Powers That Be.   The stars of the show have recently expressed a ready willingness to revitalize their old characters, and scripts have been in writing for years.  Since the eight year anniversary of the airing of the Pilot episode just last week (September 19), "The Pretender" is ever more endeared to us as we continue the fight for an end.  What we would like, more than anything, is for the corporations to agree to one final movie production that will give us fans a conclusion to the story we've faithfully followed for eight years. Can you please hook us up?

There are other sample stories you can personalize for yourself at Campaign Headquarters in the files section. Feel free to ask any questions, either by posting replies to any of the messages posted on TNT's message board, or other 'Pretender message boards, or buzz me on YM:missparkr for more info.

Type (or paste) your Harpo Hookup stories here and click "Total count" to check your number of characters.



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