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Campaign TPM: United We Stand

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Third Pretender Movie Campaign Details

Campaign Activities: Brief summary
  • Calling 1 Million Pretender Fans petitions are online, please sign if you are willing to pledge and spread the word to anyone else who may be interested. Petition links 1 | 2
  • Soon we will start the Harpo Hookup, a chat has been scheduled to brainstorm. Chat date: Sep 18th  Time: 8pm EST Location: Group chatroom
  • IOTH email days: we will email TNT and rest of PTBs on the days that IOTH reruns air on TNT to remind them that we want another movie. IOTH airs October 27th, 28th
  • Pretender "gift" email reminders to the PTBs, this activity will be started soon. We will send pictures of PEZ and other Pretender stuff weekly to the PTBs, e.g. PEZ one week, Mr. Potatohead the next and so on...links to pictures on media page.
  • Campaign TPM postcards for snail mail and email. Also starting soon, we'll send custom-modified-(with Pretender graphics)-postcards to the PTBs from our respective countries to the mailing addresses of the PTBs, so they can see that this campaign is global. We can also email postcards with Pretender graphics to the email addresses. Post card graphics can be your own or choose from those linked from the media page.

Petition Content (this is what is on the petition page)
To: The PTBs at TNT, NBC
We, the undersigned fans of the television series "The Pretender" are determined to have a third and final "Pretender" movie and we are willing to fund it ourselves. We are shocked, appalled and dismayed at the current lack of action regarding fans' requests for movies, and therefore we are signing this statement to inform you of our intent to band together and put forward the money required to make the final "Pretender" movie. We request that you acknowledge our intent and respond by making our dreams of a third and final "Pretender" movie a reality.
The Undersigned
In order to get the attention of the PTBs we must have signees who will pledge to financially support the making of a third Pretender movie. Therefore, in addition to the statement, we also have the pledge portion (added to the normal information you fill like name and email etc...) which will be 2 questions:
Are you willing to pledge money to fund a third Pretender movie?
Choices: 1) Yes, 2)No
(Please don't sign the petition to choose 'no'!!)
Please enter the standard pledge ($24USD) or another amount:
[in the text box]
Final note: When signing the petition, please make your email address available to the petition author or else we will not be able to contact you when the time comes to gather our pledges! (If not, then make sure you join the group and identify your signature to the members there.)
For the GoPetition, your signature means that you pledge $24USD unless otherwise stated in the comments posted for that petition.

Let Us Unite to make this movie happen!

Do you want to bring them all back?

Consistent contact through email, snail mail and even telephone calls, is the only way to let the PTBs know we are serious.
Sign the petition and write the letters, email and snail mail.

Forms of communication to the PTBs

Snail-mail letters
The Harpo Hookup
Just in case, this is not obvious to everyone, please do be polite but passionate in all your communications to the PTBs!

Addresses to email/snail mail:
1010 Techwood Dr. NW
Atlanta GA 30318
NBC Entertainment
3000 W. Alameda Ave
Burbank CA 91523
Jane Leisner (?)
% 20th Century Fox
10201 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90035
Or use the Harpo Hookup:


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