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Campaign TPM News and Updates

Campaign News
Jan, 2005
A new chat will be scheduled soon to discuss and whether we want to try having Campaign TPM as a cause. Look out for updates here or at the new website!
December, 2004
Pretender Season 1 DVD (Region 1) coming March, 2005!
October, 2004
Harpo Hookup is our best bet so we need as many fans as possible to participate in this.  Our supporting group (FrTpFans) has grown to 87 members since its inception on August 19th.
August, 2004
Campaign TPM petitions are now online and collecting signatures/pledges. See bottom of this page or links page.
On August 21st, our campaign press release premiered on PRWeb.
We are only collecting signatures/pledges (with the petitions) at this time, no money will exchange hands until we have reached our pledge target of $24 million
Our email/snail mail campaign will begin when we have reached our target minimum number of group members.
Campaign participants can start preparing snail mail letters to send out while we wait to begin that part of the campaign.
If you're signing the petition at, note that the site may not post your signature if you do not leave your email as "public" may be a problem with their server. Don't worry they do not display any email addresses anyway.

Persistence Pays! UNITED WE STAND!!!!


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