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What is Campaign TPM about?
Campaign TPM: Third Pretender Movie is about fans campaigning to the PTBs for a final Pretender movie, pledging to fund the third Pretender movie on their own and getting the PTBs to make it happen.
Why was this campaign started?
 Because we are tired of waiting and hoping it will happen and we realize we do have some control if we are willing to pay the price.
How is this campaign different from Operation-STP or the other petitions on the web?
The fundamental difference is we are going to be proving to the PTBs that we want to pay to get our movie made and hope they respond to that because they have not been responding to our pleas thus far.,this is about fans taking control of their tv-watching destiny.
What can I do?
You can join the fight to get a third Pretender movie by keeping tabs on this site and joining the new Yahoo group for Frustrated Tp Fans where we will sychronize our email and snail mail part of the campaign to get the PTBs to listen to our demands. The petitions to collect pledges are online (one is a backup). You can add your signature to show the PTBs that you are willing to fund a third Pretender movie. If you cannot afford to pledge funds at this time, please do not sign the pledge petitions. Instead you can sign a regular (non-pledge) petition for one more Pretender movie
What are the Campaign TPM petitions about?
The petitions: "Calling One Million Pretender Fans" is a way for the fans to show proof to the PTBs of the number of people/fans willing to pay $24 USD to have the Third Pretender movie made. There are two websites hosting the petition, because being Pretender fans, we know all about the benefits of having a backup. Jarod would always have one!
Should I sign the campaign petition if I do not want to pledge cash at this time?
No. Please don't sign the petition unless you are willing to pledge the funds. You are not expected to give any money now. But if you sign we do expect that you are going to give when that time comes. If you don't wish to contribute money, there is another petition that you can sign: 1 more Pretender movie
Why are there 2 petition links?
Because the second is a backup in case anything goes wrong. If you sign both (and we hope you will) it does not mean that you are pledging twice.
Where are the petition links?
They are on the foot of every page as well as on the links page but you can click them below.

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