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Consistent targetted communication to the PTBs...persistence will prevail!

A petition, email and letter-writing campaign will be started in order to
1) collect signatures from fans pledging to donate the cash, as proof to the network/s that we will provide the funds

2) prod the networks into action by constantly writing to them to let them know we are serious and hopefully keep it on their minds

3) get the 3rd movie made, once the pledge target has been reached
You can either compose your own letter to email and snail mail or you can print the letters on this page and sign it and send it to the addressee and then copy and paste it into an email as well.
In order to synchronize all our efforts, the Yahoo group Frustrated Tp fans has been created by Qz...all fans are urged to join and rally around this last great campaign...this group is not to talk about the series, it is to talk about getting the series back, or on dvd or getting our movie!! Use the sign-up box below.
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