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Welcome to Campaign TPM, a very special initiative by fans of "The Pretender" to campaign to the Powers that be using all available means for another Pretender movie. It is also our desire to unite for the common cause of pooling their funds to make the dream of a third and final Pretender movie a reality.
Our target: $24 million from 1 million fans
We would like all who participate in this campaign to pledge cash towards the making of the movie...however if you cannot pledge, then we want you to participate in other activities of the campaign so that we can get the attention of the PTBs, especially the Harpo Hookup.

This campaign is not like any other which has been attempted before. The fundamental difference is that we are collecting signatures from fans who are willing to fund a third Pretender movie....because we realize that we can control what we watch if we are willing to pay for it.

What's New?

"Calling One Millions Pretender Fans" Petition has been launched online!
Yahoo group: Frustrated Tp Fans supporting Campaign TPM is active...join now!


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