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Rob Estes film and TV listing...

TV roles
The Evidence
Providence - John Henning
Melrose Place - Kyle McBride
Suddenly Susan - Oliver Browne
Silk Stalkings - Chris Lorenzo
Days of Our Lives
Movies you can see Rob in:

Aces: Iron Eagle III
A Loss of Innocence
Checkered Flag
Close to Danger
Come Die With Me - A Mickey Spillane Mike Hammer Mystery
Halfway House
Have you tried talking to Patty?
How to go out on a date in Queens (2006)
Lady Against the Odds
Perfect People
Phantom of the Mall
Student Exchange
Sweet Temptation
Terror in the Mall
The Man Who Used to be Me
Thunderboat Row
Trapper County War

Rob Estes also did some directing.
Director Filmography:
Silk Stalkings (Champagne on Ice)
Melrose Place
Producer Filmography:
How To Go Out On A Date In Queens

Rob was great in his new role as father in "I do, they don't" formerly known as "Blended" on ABC Family!
New Title: I do, They don't / Old Title: Blended
What is it: Brady Bunch style TV movie gets a refreshing twist.
Starring: Josie Bissett, Rob Estes
Featuring: Lyndsey Fonseca (Y&R)
Channel: ABC Family
Status: Premiered March 20, 2005 on ABC family channel at 7pm EST


Favorite Role

Chris Lorenzo
Rob has played many great roles but Chris will always be my favorite because I guess we got to see him for over four seasons so there was so much more of him to see and all of it was pure enjoyment! He was able to display many facets of his character and did it very well. Now that the Silk DVDs are coming, I look forward to sharing some great vidcaps to show exactly what I mean!

Favorite Quote

It never hurts to have a back up - Silk Stalkings