Through the rain

Beautiful and vulnerable yet powerful….


The first release of Mariah’s charming new album is a beautiful and poignant testament to the singer's newfound self-awareness. With a voice that is both vulnerable and powerful, Mariah glides over the lyrics and rhythm of the song in that eternally expressive, soulful, soul-searching manner.

Through the rain is an anthem of hope for all who choose to carry it’s torch. It is a gentle reminder of less-joyful times and a poignantly soothing love song to inner strength. 

Carey's own personal struggles have borne an anthem that appeals to the human emotions to 
which all are subject. She draws tears from wounded hearts with her soul-stirring rendition of 
this beautiful song. It is truly a genius accomplishment that is not so surprising for the diva 
who has always been known to deliver, yet coming on the heels of the much-maligned but 
sterling "Glitter," it is irrefutable evidence of Carey's proficiency as a singer/songwriter. 

'Through the rain' is destined to be a favorite among all who appreciate uplifting music and a surefire hit among fans. As the beginning of the star's purported 'new leaf', this one looks to be golden.

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