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Q Mariah

Don't know if you should quote her on it but she said it and you'll read it right here, (if not elsewhere)!

"I gotta be everything, I gotta be a renaissance girl"

"[If I were the most powerful person in Hollywood I would] make more films that educate"

"On top of the freaking world"

"New York isn't a bad place, look at all the lambs"

"...but that's really not appropriate dinner conversation...[lol]"

"..And now it's on film forever."

"plethora o' things"

"we've merged cultures right here"

"People don't believe I cook, but I don't care and neither should you!"

"Luther don't lie"

"This is me. You like it-good. You don't--goodbye!"


"I'm not going to stop being me because people don't get me."

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