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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mariah C.!
Here's a special wish from me:
Good health, and great joy that's true
And comes from being happy with you,
A fun-filled day that makes a start
To a splendid year for your life and your art.
May all your songs be number ones
They already are in the eyes of your fans.
May the rest of the world see what we do
And turn their heartlights on to you.
Be happy, never worry ...or maybe just
A little bit as we know you must.
Take time to breathe fresh air, smell a flower,
Be positive, stay strong in grace and power.
Most of all, make it a special day of pleasure,
That will make precious memories you will treasure!
I could go on with these silly rhymes, but no more
You've heard much better ones I'm sure!
Happy Birthday!

From a fan

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