“Glitter” Notes

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Written by: Kate Lanier
Directed by: Vondie Curtis-Hall
Producer: Laurence Mark

Also stars: Eric Benet, Da Brat, Max Beesley, Tia Texada

Mariah came up with the movie's musical-themed concept a tribute to such films as "Grease", "Flashdance" and "Fame". In "Glitter", the loosely autobiographical film (previously titled "All that glitters"), Carey and Da Brat play roommates, who have a history together as orphaned young girls together with Tia's character. Benet plays a hot young singer. British actor Max Beesley is the male lead and love interest opposite Carey as Deejay Dice, a hip, streetwise disc jockey with a solid reputation in the underground dance world. While helping Carey's character with her career, the two fall in love.

“Glitter” Review

This film is like a rollercoaster ride in some ways and a bit disjointed with the sudden switches in spite of the graceful scenery that interpolated between scenes. "I [was] feeling low and I let it get it to me"-- I still get goosebumps remembering the sound of Mariah giving the best of herself on the dance floor in the movie. It was a high point and not just for the music. Mariah's vocal quality is staggering and it truly shines in Glitter. The acting was also memorable despite the fact that the dialogue did not inspire much depth. The cast did a great job with what they were given and it is a tribute to the actors and especially Mariah that Glitter won my approval. The box office may tell one story but I'm glad I saw Glitter and will see it again and again.
Here are some reasons Glitter probably didn't cut it for the critics and the box office:
big one: 9/11
two: the male lead actor did not support Mariah at all, and it showed, perhaps it was the way the part was developed but his character was made to be too flat when he turned out to be really important to the story
3:the film spoke too much when it shouldn't have and cut out too much when we should have seen more.
Those are the top 3 for me and anything else is just window dressing/undressing as far as I am concerned, bec Glitter was stunning in many ways. Mariah and her gal pals in the movie (Da Brat and Tia Texada) were fun to watch on screen together. They had a definite chemistry. I wished they would have elaborated more on the "just turned riches" part of the 'rags to riches' story but it seems as if the editor or whoever makes the cutting decisions didn't want to repeat what has been done before for too long--(big mistake, you should have thought of that before the story was writtten, yes?) or the scenes weren't shot at all--hmm!
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